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What's in a Name?: The Lore Behind "Leghorn"

You may be wondering about our name. The story behind it goes back to the Petaluma Gap. The area has a rich agricultural history, and long ago, it was actually dotted with poultry farms populated by prodigiously egg-laying Leghorn chickens. The farms' phenomenal output made the city of Petaluma the egg capital of the world. Well, the chickens have long flown the coop (most of them, anyway), and the Gap is now increasingly dominated by vineyards. Our name pays tribute to this aspect of the region's agricultural heritage, and it also helps impart a sense of place to our wines.

The Petaluma Gap

Cold marine air continually comes in through the western edge and blows eastward in a funnel effect. Substantial fog and strong winds at times also come in. The net result is a generally very cool, damp climate, especially at night. This leads to unusually long ripening periods for the region's wine grapes, with their natural acidity preserved over the extended growing season, and various other beneficial effects on the grapevines and the soil they're grown in.

Why It’s So Unique

And how is all of this ultimately reflected in the fine wines that we produce from these grapes? We get uniquely bold vintages that have uncommonly intense, rich and fully developed flavors; are extremely well balanced; and have character to spare. These are the wines that Leghorn proudly presents to you for your drinking pleasure.

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